ETD 2003





ETD 2003


ETD 2003, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany


Title: An ETD Submission System for the UK

Authors: John MacColl

Title: Tutorial: Introduction to XML

Authors: Matthias Schulz

Title: OASIS Open Office XML File Format

Authors: Dieter Löschky

Title: Summing up

Authors: Susanne Dobratz

Title: Welcome

Authors: Edward Fox

Title: Three Disposition Policies of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Authors: Alexandros Koulouris, Sarantos Kapidakis

Title: The Miguel de Cervantes DL's Digital Thesis Program

Authors: Alejandro Bia, Mª Julia Puig-Añón

Title: Conclusion

Authors: Edward Fox

Title: Digital Library Initiatives in PRL

Authors: Nishtha Anilkumar

Title: CFP: Call for preservation!

Authors: Kelsey Libner

Title: Workshop: DTDs for ETDs

Authors: Matthias Schulz

Title: E-Theses Developments in the UK

Authors: Susan Copeland

Title: MathML

Authors: Hans Hagen

Title: Tutorial: OAI

Authors: Uwe Müller, Heinrich Stamerjohanns

Title: The Yale Medicine Thesis Digital Library

Authors: Charles J. Greenberg, Arthur Belanger, Gillian Mayman

Title: Welcome

Authors: Peter Schirmbacher

Title: Metadata workflow based on reusing of original data

Authors: Eva Müller, Stefan Andersson, Uwe Klosa, Peter Hansson

Title: The MAVA Approach

Authors: Elisabeth Freydank

Title: Tutorial: CyberTheses

Authors: Viviane Boulétreau, Martin Sévigny

Title: Tutorial: ETDs for beginners

Authors: Edward Fox

Title: Technology transfer around ETD

Authors: Viviane Boulétreau, Jean-Paul Ducasse, Jean-Claude Guédon

Title: Welcome

Authors: Jürgen Mlynek

Title: MIT's DSpace: a good fit for ETD's

Authors: Keith Glavash, Margret Branschofsky

Title: From DATAD to ETDs : the Way Forward

Authors: Felix Ubogu, Mary Materu-Behitsa

Title: Long term preservation of ETDs

Authors: Nikola Korb, Hans Liegmann

Title: Using XML for long-term preservation

Authors: Eva Müller, Stefan Andersson, Uwe Klosa, Peter Hansson, Erik Siira

Title: Writing with LateX

Authors: Sebastian Pokutta

Title: Handling of LaTeX-ETDs and TeX-Conversion

Authors: Günter Törner, Sebastian Pokutta, Thorsten Bahne

Title: Akademisk forskning online - Academic Research in Sweden Online

Authors: Eva Müller, Stefan Andersson, Uwe Klosa, Peter Hansson

Title: The transition of CyberThèses to Open Source

Authors: Viviane Boulétreau, Martin Sévigny

Title: ETD Workflow and Training at l'Université Laval (Québec, Canada)

Authors: Pierre Lasou, Guy Teasdale

Title: It's about Time!

Authors: Gail McMillan

Title: Taking the Plunge: Requiring the ETD

Authors: Kimberly Douglas, Eric Van de Velde

Title: A Device for Automated Scanning of Books

Authors: Stephan Ullrich, Carsten Enge, Klaus Kreulich, Arved C. Hübler

Title: Examples, goals, possibilities and limitations of international cooperation

Authors: Elena Balzardi, Barbara Signori

Title: Tutorial: German ETD-Project

Authors: Bert Wendland, Kathrin Schroeder, Nikola Korb, Peter Diepold, Thomas Wollschläger

Title: UPeTD: It's the start of your publishing career

Authors: Monica Hammes

Title: Political, institutional and library stakes of ETD dissemination: the French-speaking Swiss experience.

Authors: Marie-Pierre Gilliéron-Graber, Jean-Blaise Claivaz

Title: A Union Catalog for ETD's

Authors: Vinod Chachra


Authors: Victor Sibirsky, G. Youngen, T. Sibirsky

Title: Marketing for participation: How can Electronic Dissertation Services win authors?

Authors: Bert Wendland, Bettina Berendt, Elke Brenstein, Yunfan Li

Title: TDX, doing it together

Authors: Lluís Anglada

Title: Practical Solutions to ETD Issues

Authors: Tim Brace, Georgia Harper

Title: The State of the NDLTD Union Catalog

Authors: Thomas B. Hickey, Tom Dehn

Title: Sink or swim

Authors: Andrew Wells

Title: Resistance to ETDs in Academe

Authors: Jude Edminster

Title: UMI/Proquest's ETD Submission Project

Authors: Tim Brace

Title: ETD2004 Kentucky

Authors: Suzie Allard