TDX, doing it together




TDX, doing it together


The Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia and the Supercomputing Center of Catalonia have built and maintained the TDX server, which now hosts more than 740 e-dissertations. These dissertations belong to 10 different universities from the Catalan context. The National Library of Catalonia also participates in the project, working on preservation topics. The proposed paper won't present technological developments, but will be focused on: * Advantages of putting e-dissertations on the Internet as a result of the cooperative work among organizations from the same territory * Sinergies created thanks to cooperative work * Relationship with other related projects, also devoted to put local contents on the Internet As TDX has been working for more than a year, the paper will also provide statistical data on usage. This experience can be specially interesting for universities that would like to put their dissertations on the Internet, but who have difficulties due to bureaucratic issues. The Catalan experience shows that cooperative work can save costs, it breaks inertia, and can also encourage creativity.