Technology transfer around ETD



Technology transfer around ETD


The managers of the CyberThèses program have lead in 2002 a program of technology transfer for the production of universitary structured document in the area of West Africa, Indian Ocean and Middle East. The aim of these workshop was to create a network of actors (persons) able to reproduce de training to the use of a platform for document production into their regional academic institutions. Which are the lessons we can learn from this campaign of training? - these workshop that are intended for people having a double competency librarian and computer scientist, first allow to reinforce the discourse on the importance of the electronic archiving and dissemination of theses and dissertations. - These actions are intended for people having to masterize questions related to electronic documentation and publishing: from which the necessity of the dissemination of a toolbox. - These action aim to facilitate the training of students and searchers (authors) to the use of tools for the production of structured documents and do have to rest on pedagogical tools, for distant or not courses - These actions do need to be accompanied by communicating tools allowing the different communities to share points of view, experiences and problems (forum, etc). - These action also allow the constitution or the reinforcement of the mesh of the relationship between productors of structured documents.