The Miguel de Cervantes DL's Digital Thesis Program


The Miguel de Cervantes DL's Digital Thesis Program



The Miguel de Cervantes DL's Digital Thesis Program


Ph.D. theses are a fundamental pillar for the application and development of knowledge. Generally, Ph.D. theses have a very limited reach. Their printed publication is rarely viable in a massive way. Often, only a partial publication is possible. Unfortunately, many original research projects, to which authors have devoted long working hours, lie unnoticed on the bookshelves of universities worldwide. Moreover, they are not easily accessed by potential scholars and interested researchers. Electronic publishing makes it possible to reach every corner in the world and opens up new research and communication paths. The Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library welcomes both theses written in Spanish and theses dealing with the Spanish culture, coming from any part of the world. About 300 theses have already been published within our research site, from 33 national and international universities. Theses in our research site are accessed through a specific catalogue where selection is possible by author, title or subject. The latter, also selected either by the CDU or the UNESCO classification. Alternatively, a quick search window can be used. For every thesis, an author related data sheet is added (including bibliography, specialisation fields, knowledge areas), which also gives access to an optional discussion forum, allowing the constant exchange of ideas among researchers with similar interests. Other useful information such as the number of visitors is also provided. Currently, our most visited thesis has had over 8.000 visitors. Our thesis section is alive and always growing. Daily experience results in the continuous integration of new ideas. Our goal is not only the mere publication of research work, but to build a rich and open communication channel for the global scientific community, with the aim of making true the Enlightenment dream of the "Republic of Letters".