Digital Library Initiatives in PRL


Digital Library Initiatives in PRL



Digital Library Initiatives in PRL


Information Technology (IT) is most commonly used to mean computer technology and communication technology. The technologies of optical/video systems like CD-ROMs are also included in the computers group by the books and periodicals on computer technology. For a librarian IT has a wider connotation, which includes the technologies and systems like microfilms, microfiches, CD-ROM, computers, information networks, etc. It includes all those technologies which the libraries and information centres use for collection, processing storage, retrieval and dissemination of recorded information. Traditional libraries' budgets are devoting an ever increasing share of their funds to electronic services - CD ROMS, online access and OPACs. This trend will continue as digital storage costs go down relative to the cost of library shelf-space and as electronic services become more user-friendly, affordable and available. To meet its objectives, the PRL library has embarked on major initiatives to meet user needs, improve access to the collection and to resources beyond our own collection. It is our aim to develop and manage the collection for the benefit of our users today and for posterity, and to ensure that we function efficiently and effectively as a unified library. PRL library's major thrust areas have been: 1. Creating and maintaining a Digital Library 2. Electronic Journals : Achieving the optimum balance The main goal in developing DL is to provide the researchers at PRL, opportunities for accessing and using variety of information in highly flexible manner.