Long term preservation of ETDs




Long term preservation of ETDs


Since 1998 Online Dissertations are collected and archived by Die Deutsche Bibliothek on a voluntary basis. Online Dissertations are a special type of electronic publication. The task of longterm preservation of these publications are in principle the same as for electronic publications in general. Based on the process model of the Deposit System for Electronic Publications designed by the NEDLIB project a process has been developed by Die Deutsche Bibliothek. The desired result of this process, which is meant to be never ending, is the long-term availability of all online dissertations collected. This process is described by a rather practical point of view. The stages that have to be passed through until a publication can be accessed are identified and are described. Tools that are deployed in this process are mentioned. The role metadata play in this process is explicated. Statistics of actual use are presented. Furthermore cooperations with other institutions that improve the accessibility are addressed.