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MyBib from Librarians for Librarians and library network


Electronic theses and dissertation are the topic of the ETD, but what about all the theses, which are not yet electronically published and only available on paper or even worse on microfilm? As the manufacturer of the Bookeye® family of scanners we have had a lot of discussions with libraries and their needs. One topic was the gap between the increasing demand for electronic availability of documents like dissertations and theses and their real availability on paper or microfilm. To close this gap - besides others like electronic document delivery via ILL and/or an alternative to ARIEL - we were asked to develop an open WEB-based system together with librarians. The development guidelines were a browser-based user interface, usage of PHP, Apache, MySQL, and the system should run on Windows and Linux. The result was Mybib, a platform to cover: * electronic document delivery * scan on demand applications, as an alternative to scanning entire stocks * back file conversion to supply extended OPAC´s Requests for documents to be scanned and delivered can be issued to Mybib by any library system, OPAC or free style WEB-form via ILL, XML or E-Mail. The whole process from the incoming request, through scanning to the delivery is cov-ered by Mybib. Modules for tracking, billing, claim handling, statistics and others support the management and supervisor of the library. MyBib is scalable from one to many scanning, operation and management workplaces. It covers the needs of big libraries located in one place, as well as libraries with departments located in different places. And all of them can be supervised from one place anywhere in the world via Internet or VPN with a Browser To get theses and documents from paper/microfilm to a digital form, they have to be scanned, which is realized by the My-Bib Scan-client. It covers overhead-, flatbed-, autofeed- and microfilm- scanners as well as digital copier systems from RICOH, CANON and others, which can be used as scanner and printer. And if the scanner supports color or formats up to A1 (34" by 22"), Mybib supports it too. Last, but not least there is the question of intellectual property rights. To help protect these rights, the electronic endorser in Mybib imprints a digital watermark as proof of information supplier or copyright remarks with time stamp in the delivered documents.