Making your Metadata Beautiful




Making your Metadata Beautiful


The British Library's EThOS service harvests thesis metadata from over 100 repositories and works hard to combine it into a consistent and comprehensive national index. The variation we see between the different sets of data from different institutions is remarkable. That's not surprising when the data has to travel from the student's hand, through the research office, institutional repository, OAI export service, through a harvesting process and finally into EThOS. No wonder data can be lost, misplaced or changed along the way! Variations are caused by different technical systems, different versions of the same system, the repository set-up, data input requirements, and the level of repository expertise amongst the staff. But what does beautiful thesis metadata look like and how is it created?This interactive workshop will help participants unravel the challenges and secrets of good thesis metadata. We'll look at different metadata schemas, how the OAI-PMH export and harvest process works, and how you can set up your repository to expose the best metadata for aggregators like EThOS to re-use.We will base our discussion on the UK's thesis schema, UKETD_DC, but we hope it will be a useful session for all delegates.\n