Non-English PhD dissertations and associated English journal papers




Non-English PhD dissertations and associated English journal papers


This paper presents an approach for referencing publications and PhD dissertations. This approach has been implemented within an ETD repository (PhD UNS) integrated with CRIS system at University of Novi Sad, Serbia (CRIS UNS). More than 90% of PhD dissertations of the republic of Serbia have been written in national language (Serbian). Authors of scientific publications usually want to attract interest to their work to enhance their reputation both nationally and internationally. Serbian PhD dissertations are usually catalogued in two languages: Serbian and English. This improves discoverability of Serbian PhD dissertations. However, non-Serbian researchers can't read PhD dissertations written in Serbian language. The Serbian Ministry of Science prescribed a rule that each dissertation before its defend has to be verified by publishing its main results in at least one paper published in a journal belonging to the Web of Science JCR list. In this way, results published in Serbian language in a PhD dissertation are also visible to world science community through journal papers published in English. Journal papers metadata, i.e. bibliographic references for journal papers, can be stored in CRIS UNS system and connection of those journal papers with a PhD dissertation stored in PhD UNS repository can be established. Taking into account that data set can be also stored in CRIS UNS system using entities of CERIF data model, the similar approach can be adopted for connection of data sets and PhD dissertations.\n