Current Status Of The Omani National Research Repository




Current Status Of The Omani National Research Repository


Objective: This paper outlines and discusses the current and the next steps to be takenin order to adopt a national digital repository at the Sultanate of Oman.Signicance: Outlining the current process conducted to adopt the national repository inOman and presenting these steps in the ETD connference will help to get a wider overviewabout the project and may open discussions about possible modication and changes in theproject.Results: This paper presents the process that are currently conducted to adopt a na-tional repository in Oman. One of these process is a promotional campagin to let people getaware about this prject. People will be informed about the importance of this project, whatthey need to do in order to praticipate in the project, and also provide clarications aboutthe possible issues and concerns they might have like copyright, plagiarism, quality of theses,prior publication and the instiutions reputation. Sultan Qaboos University was selected tobe the rst institution to conduct the promotional campaign. Postgraduate students at SQUwill be informed about this project and also will be encouraged to submit their theses anddissertational in electronic format in order to be included in the project.In addition, the paper presents standards and rules that will be applied in this project.Such standards include theses formats, metadata elements, le submissions, les organisa-tion, embaroges, access levels, access charges...etc.In addition a technical team is working on Dspace, which is an open source software, in orderto customise it to work according to project needs.\n