ETD 2023





ETD 2023


ETD 2023, INFLIBNET Centre, Gujarat, India


Title: A Visibility Check of Disaster Management ETDs in Shodhganga

Authors: K P, Bhavya, Dhanyasree, V. K.

Title: User Experience and Accessibility Challenges of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Authors: Laxmanbhai, Parmar Bhavini, Patel, Saurabh


Title: Tracing the flow of Shodh from the Valley of Himalayas: Shodhganga in Context

Authors: Shueb, Sheikh, Gul, Sumeer, Hussain, Aabid

Title: Open Access Repository and Availability of ETDs in Nepal

Authors: Aryal, Jagadish Chandra

Title: Indian Contribution to Medicine Datasets: An Analysis

Authors: S, Nayanthara, Sulochana, Anila

Title: Growth and Utilisation of Shodhganga

Authors: Barman, Ellora, Ravikumar, S., Borauh, Bidyut Bikash

Title: Case Study of Analyzing the Variety of ETD Layouts

Authors: Park, Sung Hee, Banerjee, Bipasha2, Ingram, William A., Fox, Edward A.

Title: Building Vibrant Research Culture through ETDs: Special Reference from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Authors: Perera, Kamani, Rahman, Md. Zillur, Earskin, Anushka, Wijayasriwardana, Indika

Title: Knowledge Discovery Using Citation Connections: Innovative Research Tool

Authors: S, Hepsibah Sharmil., Das, Prathap, McLean, Austin