South Asian Open Research Repositories and NDLTD's Global ETD Search



South Asian Open Research Repositories and NDLTD's Global ETD Search


ETDs are primary information sources, that originate from doctorial theses or dissertation submitted to university for the doctorial award. The study should be cover to ETD initiatives by South Asian countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, among these only three countries (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) have active national ETD repositories. The names of the three ETD repositories are Shodhganga, Pakistan Research Repositories and Digital Archive on Agricultural Thesis and Journal stands for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh respectively. This study aims to analyze the current state of South Asian ETD repositories and to describe their characteristics and performance in brief. The major objectives of the study are to analyze the importance of ETD in global context, to find out linkage between Global ETD and ETDs of South Asian Countries and comparative scenario of South Asian ETD initiatives with respected to NDLTD repositories. The number of the resources in the ETD repositories of South Asian countries are containing 7103, 350000 and 19199 respective. In this study, it also found that South Asian ETD repository has contributed 194829 theses which is approx. 6% of the total uploaded resources in the Global ETD repository (6221799) of NDLTD. By taking in to considerations the findings, at the end of the study, there are some proposals of recommendations to further improvement of the status of national ETD repositories.