The poster presents the main activities and new projects of the French National Reproduction Centre for PhD dissertations (ANRT) at Lille, especially in the field of electronic theses and dissertations.Research method/procedureThe poster contains figures, statistics, technical and IT ressources and project descriptions, together with screenshots, based on annual activity statistics, inventories, reports, communications, agreements etc.Anticipated resultsSince 45 years, ANRT[1] is a central part of the French national infrastructure for the dissemination and preservation of PhD dissertations. First as a printing office, than as a microfiche and a print-on-demand service, ANRT has become over the years a major public digitization centre for theses, dissertation and other scientific heritage material (books, journals, manuscripts, photos...).The ANRT collections contain 220,000 PhD dissertation in all scientific domains, all of them on microfiche, 80,000 also on digital support (image and text files). The ETD related activities and projects are: Digitization of new PhD dissertations not yet submitted in digital format. Retrodigitization of dissertations on microfiches and in print format, for preservation on local university servers and/or dissemination via institutional repositories and digital libraries. Deposit of Lille PhD dissertations in social sciences and humanities in the national ETD infrastructure (STAR). Retrodigitization of Lille Master theses for local preservation and dissemination in the academic intranet and/or open access. Research projects in the field of open access to ETDs, text and data mining, linked data and the processing of research data produced by PhD students. Education of LIS BA and Master students in digitization techniques and equipment.ANRT is member of the ETD2016 organizing committee. The poster will document its rapid transition from the bygone print world to the digital age of ETD and open science and its potential use of new ICT tools.Practical implications/originalityThe poster will present the resources, capacities, activities and projects ANRT to an international audience, in order to extend its professional network and foster international partnerships in the field of ETD processing and research.ReferencesPaillassard, P., Schöpfel, J., Stock, C., 2007. Dissemination and preservation of French print and electronic theses. The Grey Journal 3 (2), 77-93.öpfel, J., 2013. ANRT Lille: The French national centre for the reproduction of PhD theses. Interlending & Document Supply 41 (1), 3-6.öpfel, J., 2013. Life after microfiches: The French national centre for the reproduction of PhD theses (ANRT). In: GL15 Fifteenth International Conference on Grey Literature. CVTI SR, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2-3 December 2013.\n