TQM for ETD Repositories to Improve the Data Skills of Research Scholars Benefits of TQM in ETD Repositories




TQM for ETD Repositories to Improve the Data Skills of Research Scholars Benefits of TQM in ETD Repositories


ETDs are bearing greater responsibility worldwide to improve data skills of research scholars, more so for research scholars in developing countries. To improve and evaluate the quality of ETD services, it is important to implement Total Quality Management (TQM) in ETD repositories. It not only stimulates more energetic ETD development environment which eventually leads to an effective way of universal access but also strives for the continuous improvement of ETDs .TQM being a systematic process, which focuses on understanding customer needs and improving customer services, involves the question of whether products and services do correspond to customers' expectations and needs and whether both are harmonious with each other. Here, the customer means anyone who is impacted by the product or process. The main idea of using TQM methods for ETD repositories is to satisfy and even excel the user needs by using effective scientific methods. TQM constantly supports for the improvement of ETDs performance in an efficient way. The objective is achieved by involving all employees who maintain ETD repository to suit the needs of research scholars. To maintain an effective ETD repository, it is important to meet TQM values such as providing the customers' needs, exact assessment, continuous improvement, teamwork, and enthusiasm of the ETD repository builders. Benefits of TQM in ETD Repositories Achieve quality presentation and enhancing quality review process through various scientific skills to improve the process. Excel user's expectation Upgrading the University community Staff development The introduction of TQM requires the Top Management to provide leadership and support for all quality initiatives. Quality goals are moving targets and therefore require commitment from the whole Organization. Following factors, in particular, need to be taken into account: TQM is a result-oriented approach. TQM involves a process of constant progress and therefore ensures that library personnel are ready to play a constructive role in the process. TQM ensures the standard, performance, reliability, appearance, commitment to delivery time of the required information. TQM also ensures that the effort necessary for its implementation are at the same time rewarding for both staff and the institution. It is apparent that TQM can play a significant role in ETD repositories and it may lead to a result-oriented approach by way of improving data skills of research scholars. TQM is not a programme for a specific period, but it is the way-of-life focused towards continuous improvement of the Organization.\n