ETD 2011





ETD 2011


ETD 2011, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa


Title: Do ETDs deter publishers? Does web availability count as prior publication?

Authors: Marisa Ramirez, Gail Mcmillan, Joan Dalton, Nancy Seamans, Max Read

Title: CARPET - a Directory of Generic Publishing Tools

Authors: Peter Schirmbacher

Title: Creating a National Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Portal in South Africa

Authors: Lawrence Webley, Hussein Suleman, Tatenda Chipeperekwa

Title: Enriching the VT ETD-db System with references

Authors: Sung Hee Park, Edward A. Fox

Title: Data desiccation: facilitating long-term access, use, and reuse of ETDs

Authors: Daniel Alemneh, Mark Phillips

Title: Two South African institutional repositories: a comparative overview

Authors: Annah Macha, Karin De Jager

Title: VT ETD-db 2.0: rewriting ETD-db system

Authors: Sung Hee Park, Paul Mather, Kimberli D. Weeks, Edward A. Fox, Gail Mcmillan