ETD 2009





ETD 2009


ETD 2009, University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America


Title: “ETDs for Rookies”

Authors: John Hagen

Title: Preservation

Authors: Gail McMillan, Martin Halbert, Bill Donovan

Title: Adobe Acrobat 9

Authors: Timothy Plumer

Title: NDLTD Union Catalog / VTLS Visualizer

Authors: Vinod Chachra

Title: The Semantic Electronic Scientific Thesis

Authors: Vinod Chachra, Peter Murray-Rust, Lezan Hawizy, Jim Downing, Joe Townsend, Nick Day, Peter Sefton

Title: Students as Advocates

Authors: Julia Blixrud

Title: World Digital Library (WDL)

Authors: Michelle Rago

Title: Developing Nations Access Initiative

Authors: Jason Phillips

Title: Success and Challenges for ETD Programs: An Open Conversation

Authors: Suzie Allard, Ana Pavani, Tim Brace, Hélio Kuramoto, Amadou Sidibe, Abdrahamane Anne, Ibrahim Iba N’Diaye, T.S. Kumbar

Title: ETDs in Lock-Down: Trends, Analyses and Faculty Perspectives on ETD Embargoes

Authors: Terry Owen, Timothy Hackman, Thomas Harrod

Title: Restricted ETDs and Open Access

Authors: Ana Pavani, Ana Mazzeto

Title: Jump Starting an ETD Program: Review of Tools and Lessons Learned

Authors: Janet Lee-Smeltzer, Austin McLean

Title: ETD Authors and Academic Integrity

Authors: Christine Jewell

Title: ETDs transformed: maximizing cataloging efficiencies and open access

Authors: Martin Courtois, Merry Bower, Michelle Turvey-Welch

Title: Implementing ETD Submission at Boston College

Authors: Bill Donovan

Title: Repository usage statistics – Can you count on them?

Authors: Simon Bevan, Paul Needham

Title: EThOS is LIVE and is opening access to UK theses!

Authors: Anthony Troman, Tracy Kent, Simon Bevan, Susan Copeland

Title: Using SRU to Create Dissertation Mashups

Authors: Michael Witt, Vijendra Purohit

Title: A study of Major Institutional Repositories in India

Authors: Shalini Lihitkar, R.T.M., Ramdas Lihitkar

Title: Open Access: Latin-American Caribbean Style

Authors: Swarna Bandara

Title: Current practices and workflows among North Carolina ETD programs

Authors: Anne Marie Taber, Mary Early

Title: ETDs in Brazil: 2001 – 2009

Authors: Ana Pavani

Title: Total Quality Management (TQM) for ETDs

Authors: Dinesh Chandra, Kamani Perera

Title: Unexpected benefits of campus ETD implementation

Authors: Marisa Ramirez

Title: Theses Digitization: Institutional Repository Start-Up

Authors: Malgorzata Rozniakowska-Klosinska, Blazej Feret

Title: The establishment of an ETD in Azerbaijan @ Khazar University

Authors: Tatyana Zayseva, Lala Hayibayova

Title: Introduction to ETD Project at IIU

Authors: Yaqub Ali

Title: Role of Academic Research in Economic Development Work

Authors: Denise A. D. Bedford