Intute Repository Search: Easy Access to Academic and Research Content



Intute Repository Search: Easy Access to Academic and Research Content


Poster: Researchers are increasingly making their work freely available on the internet, by depositing their research output into institutional repositories. Intute Repository Search is a JISC-funded beta search service which helps the academic community search across all these repositories in one go, thus providing a free and easy access to a wealth of academic, educational and research outputs from a wide range of institutions in the UK and where appropriate, globally. Repositories provide a means for traditional publishing to co-exist with Open Access, with peer review unaffected. Therefore, the more institutional repositories that are developed and used, the better for the research community. This poster will show that Intute Repository Search aggregates metadata from institutional and research repositories and links and exposes them by exploring (and exploiting) a range of available search technologies and structured metadata approaches. At present, Intute Repository Search serves as a showcase for UK research output. It offers simple search and advanced search, but aims to develop personalised alerts and repurposed content streams into other websites, using leading edge discovery and personalised technologies. Intute Repository Search also investigates innovative technological solutions to support better cross-repository searching/browsing/exploration, including social semantic tagging mechanisms, text-mining and automatic metadata classification. Furthermore, over the 3 year period for the project, the objectives are to identify and develop machine-to-machine interface; achievable synergies between research and learning object repositories; opportunities from international collaboration in this area; scalable and flexible search infrastructure / service supporting a number of stakeholder constituencies; and tools to establish metrics for cross-searching / support for research appraisal process, among others. IRS is a project led by the University of Manchester (Mimas service: Intute), with the University of Bath (UKOLN) and the University of Nottingham (SHERPA).