New Developments in Library and Archives Canada's ETD Program




New Developments in Library and Archives Canada's ETD Program


Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has been developing its ETD program since 2002 with the eventual goal of acquiring only electronic theses and dissertations. The objective of this paper is to describe two systems development projects currently in progress that have a direct impact on LAC's ETD program. Project One: the development of LAC's Trusted Digital Repository (TDR). The Repository is intended to provide reliable, long-term access to all of LAC's managed digital resources now and in the future. Methods: LAC IT staff have partnered with a private company to develop the TDR. The first step has been the development of a Virtual Loading Dock (VLD). Results: The VLD allows for the successful ingest of digital resources, including ETDs, in a variety of ways. Conclusion: The next step will be the development of the access and preservation components of the TDR. While the digital preservation component remains to be built, the ingest of ETDs by the Virtual Loading Dock is essential to the future preservation of ETDs at LAC. Project Two: E-Theses Project Phase one includes redesigning the e-theses application for compatibility with the TDR, making the OAI server fully compliant to standards and setting up ETD submission to LAC from ProQuest. Phase two will develop the capacity to handle complex multimedia and multiple file ETDs and add full text indexing and optical character recognition to all ETDs. Methods: LAC IT staff are responsible for this systems project. LAC is investigating the OAI Object Reuse and Exchange data model as a means of acquiring complex ETDs. Results: Compatibility with TDR, more stable OAI application, ingest of greater numbers of ETDs. Conclusions: Phase two of the E-Theses Project will allow LAC to keep pace with developments at universities, such as growth in the submission of multimedia theses, and provide researchers with enhanced access to ETDs.