UK EThOS - Opening access to UK theses


UK EThOS - Opening access to UK theses



UK EThOS - Opening access to UK theses


The UK's Electronic Thesis On-line Service (EThOS) will go live in the 2008 UK academic year. During the 'ETD 2008' conference presentation, the EThOS partners will offer a live demonstration of the service from submission to distribution. They will talk about: * the technologies and standards involved in harvesting e-theses from institutional repositories * how the information from paper theses held on the shelves of up to 120 UK university libraries can be made available free at the point of use from a single point of contact * the UK Thesis Digitisation Project funded by the JISC which will deliver 20,000 theses digitised from paper originals * the digitisation facility being built by The British Library to digitise paper theses as they are ordered * how the UK service integrates with workflow in the member university libraries to offer best value for money and ensure that theses are supplied in the shortest possible time within a viable and sustainable service * the legal issues surrounding supply of theses originating from the UK, the risks have had to be taken and the safeguards put in place to offer a service which meets the needs of the Google generation. The EThOS partners will highlight why this service is important to UK research and how it benefits UK Higher Education and those who want access to a primary research resource. They will discuss how they are addressing specific problems (such as plagiarism), technical aspects, and 'what happens next'.