ETD 2007





ETD 2007


ETD 2007, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden


Title: How to Start an ETD Program: Tools Review and Lessons Learned

Authors: Scott Eldredge, Austin Mclean

Title: Improving Education and Understanding of NDLTD

Authors: Seungwon Yang, Sanghee Oh, Jeffrey P. Pomerantz, Barbara M Wildemuth, Edward A. Fox

Title: Developing a Common Submission System for ETDs in the Texas Digital Library

Authors: Adam Mikael, Tim Brace, John Leggett, Mark McFarland

Title: PETE: Planning for E-Thesis Enhancement at MIT

Authors: Craig Thomas

Title: A Property Based Workflow System for E-Theses

Authors: Uwe Müller, Robin Malitz, Manuel Klatt-Kafemann, Susanne Dobratz, Peter Schirmbacher

Title: Using Ajax to integrate institutional electronic theses and dissertation respository with corporate systems at University of São Paulo

Authors: Rogerio Toshiaki Kondo, Maria de Lourdes Rebucci Lirani, Vinicius Augusto Taglatti Zani, Caetano Train Junior, Paulo Cesar Masiero, Fabio Kon

Title: ETDs and the Importance of Discoverability

Authors: Livia Vasas, Austin McLean

Title: Challenges and Innovations: Establishing an ETD at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Authors: R. Mishra, S.K. Vijaianand, Noufal P.P., Gaurav Shukla

Title: DissOnlne Portal

Authors: Natascha Schumann

Title: EThOS: from a project to a national service

Authors: Susan Copeland, Anthony Troman

Title: Social Science Data and ETDs: Opportunities and Challenges

Authors: Joan F. Cheverie, Austin McLean

Title: ETD Policies, Strategies and Initiatives in India: A Critical Appraisal

Authors: Anup Kumar Das, Chaitali Dutta, B.K. Sen

Title: The University of Latvia ETD program: a case study of local practice

Authors: Reinis Markvarts, Iveta Gudakovska, Gatis Karlsons

Title: Integrating E-Theses into Local Services: A Case Study of SRM University (Chennai) India

Authors: P. Rajendran, B. Ramesh Babu, S. Gopalakrishnan

Title: ETD discovery services in Lithuania

Authors: Vilius Kuciukas, Antanas Streimikis, Arunas Frankevicius, Aleksandras Targamadze

Title: Plagiarism and ETDs: Confronting the Reality

Authors: Niamh Brennan, Austin McLean