ETD 2005





ETD 2005


ETD 2005, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Title: ETD tutorial for rookies and beginners

Authors: John Hagen

Title: Improving, expanding and maintaining momentum in an established ETD program

Authors: Robert McDonald, Dianne Harrison, Judith Devine

Title: Unlocking IP - building Commons-ism in one country

Authors: Philip Chung, Graham Greenleaf, David Vaile

Title: eTD collection as a cornerstone of eIDR

Authors: Sara Bishop

Title: APSR: sustaining a past, maintaining our future

Authors: Margaret Henty


Title: ADT / ProQuest collaboration: a case study of library and vendor working together

Authors: Mary Anne Kennan, Tony Cargnelutti, Helen Keyes, Austin McLean, Paul Jensen

Title: A practical, working, and replicable approach to ETD preservation

Authors: Gail McMillan, Catherine Jannik, Robert McDonald

Title: Net Gen students and ETDs

Authors: Joan Lippincott

Title: The online ETD tutorial: supporting students as they transition from traditional to ETD

Authors: Cindy Gray, William Clark, Susan Metros


Authors: Christine Frodl, Nikola Korb

Title: Maturing towards the digital library: implementation of the electronic thesis and dissertation program

Authors: Víctor Ferracutti, Luis Herrera, Natalia Piccotto

Title: The ETD movement in Peru

Authors: Libio Huaroto

Title: BDTD - The Brazilian National ETD Project

Authors: Ana Pavani

Title: Theses record exchange: developments in The Australian National Union Catalogue

Authors: Roxanne Missingham, Margaret Kennedy

Title: Digital theses: the New Zealand experience

Authors: Gail Pattie, John Redmayne, Sally Sleigh

Title: The Sustaining Digital Scholarship Project

Authors: Thornton Staples

Title: ADT

Authors: Kerrie Talmacs

Title: Automated thesis and dissertation processing

Authors: Xiaochang (Shaw) Yu, John Duke

Title: Two into one will go: combining two institutional repositories at University of Melbourne

Authors: Eve Young, Nicki McLaurin-Smith, Shirley Sullivan

Title: Unifying ETD with open access repositories

Authors: Arthur Sale

Title: Certificate for ETD-repositories

Authors: Peter Schirmbacher

Title: The DART-Europe Project: towards developing a European theses portal

Authors: Paul Ayris, Chris Pressler, Austin McLean

Title: ETD's at HKU: from 0 to 13,000 in 5 years!

Authors: David Palmer

Title: How to participate in the Union Catalog project

Authors: Hussein Suleman

Title: SCOPE - an XML based publishing platform

Authors: Uwe Müller

Title: Education research theses: online communities and partnerships

Authors: Suzanne Clarke, Stuart Hughes

Title: The innovative ETD:innovation and obsolescence

Authors: Craig Bellamy

Title: Lithuanian ETD Project

Authors: Antanas Streimikis, Vilius Kuciukas, Aleksandras Targamadze

Title: EThOS': an 'Electronic Theses Online Service' for the UK

Authors: Susan Copeland, Simon Bevan