ETD 2004





ETD 2004


ETD 2004, University of Kentucky, Kentucky, United States of America


Title: ERA: Capturing Edinburgh's Research

Authors: Theo Andrew

Title: DiTeD - Digital Thesis and Dissertations in Portugal

Authors: José Borbinha, Jorge Machado, Luisa Castanheira, Maria Margarida Lopes, Marta Motta

Title: Electronic Publishing Support Service at UiB

Authors: Gaelle Bozec

Title: Effect of E-resources on Standards

Authors: Rajesh Chandrakar

Title: Using Acrobat 6.0 to Create High-Quality ETDs at Caltech

Authors: Betsy Coles, George Porter

Title: Using international best practice to create a UK ETD national model

Authors: Susan Copeland, Anthony Troman, Richard Milne

Title: Consortial ETDs: The View From OhioLINK

Authors: Thomas Dowling

Title: ETD in a Nutshell: Development of the WVU eTD System

Authors: Haritha Garapati

Title: ETD Tutorial for Beginners

Authors: TBA

Title: The Appalachian Regional ETD Consortium

Authors: John H. Hagen

Title: ETD Implementation in Six Months: Five Principles

Authors: Dianne Harrison, Judith Devine, Althea Jenkins, David Johnson, Robert McDonald

Title: Planning and Implementation of the ETD Initiative at Brigham Young University

Authors: C. Selby Herrin, Scott J. Eldredge

Title: Using DSpace to Administer an ETD Program: The Drexel Experience

Authors: Stephen T. Janick, Tom McLaughlin

Title: Incorporating ETD’s into Institutional Repositories

Authors: Delphine S. Lewis

Title: ETD search services

Authors: Ming Luo, Edward Fox

Title: ETDs FOREVER! Pragmatic Preservation from Philosophy to Technology

Authors: Gail McMillan, Becky Ryder, Suzie Allard

Title: ETDs - Cooperation within three Nordic countries

Authors: Marianne Moe, Eva Müller

Title: ResearchBlog at The ETD Guide: Creating a Community for Academic

Authors: Joseph Moxley, Anne K. Jones


Authors: Ana M B Pavani, Bruno R Hedler, Tiago T Peres, Viviane M Costa, Marcela S Ferreira, Ane C Cardão, Carolina A Carvalho, Renata M J Ferreira

Title: There is a lot more to ETDs

Authors: Ana M B Pavani

Title: Deployment of a digital theses environment: Enabling versus imposing workflow

Authors: Lourdes Fernández Ramírez, Alfredo Sánchez, Alberto García García

Title: Venezuelan Digital Library of Thesis and Dissertation

Authors: Nilda F Rosales, Marlene T Bauste

Title: Requirements to Document and Publication Repositories

Authors: Peter Schirmbacher

Title: Project GRACE: A grid based search tool for the global digital library

Authors: Frank Scholze, Glenn Haya, Jens Vigen, Petra Prazak

Title: Making the plunge into ETD: Reflections from the advisor-advisee team

Authors: Jennifer Shank, Cecilia Wang

Title: Why Mess with A Good Thing?: The Search for Improved Efficiency within the ETD Workflow Process

Authors: Anthony D Smith, Joan Dolence, Linda Behrend, Kawanna Bright

Title: The Life and Times of Ted: A Fun Look at the Life of an ETD

Authors: Anthony D Smith, Linda Behrend, Joan Dolence, Kawanna Bright


Authors: Silvia B Southwick, Ana M. B. Pavani

Title: Caltech ETD Collection Analysis: Who Accesses What and Why?

Authors: Ed Sponsler, George Porter, Betsy Coles

Title: Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) at ETSU

Authors: Celia M. Szarejko, Katherine A. Libby, Bill R. Williams

Title: The Development of CALIS ETD Sharing Project

Authors: Xiaoxia Yao, Long Xiao

Title: Electronic Thesis and Dissertation System Development in China

Authors: Yang Zhao, Airong Jiang