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Keywords: ETD
electronic theses and dissertations
Issue Date: 10-Jul-2006
Publisher: NDLTD
Citation: In Proceedings of Third International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Abstract: How will the process change and should it change, given all possible technologies available with ETDs. What would they like to see? Today the ABD is driven off into a corner to do your research with only your local committee hanging over you. Then the final painful paper which is printed on the best cotton is placed (lost) in only your library and placed (or lost) at UMI. The paper most times ends up at the bottom of the new Ph.D. File Cabinet. ABD Today is both the old method described above and the new ETD method as it exists today. There are varying ways that schools deal with the period between generals and the degree. Also there are all the ways that schools, societies, professional groups and individuals are trying to get attention or control of what new research is coming out from their new graduates. ABD Tomorrow is a discussion session of what it should be like given all technologies that we would like to see in this research process with the new ETDs. A wish list of how this dissertation or theses should be stored, presented, and made available as part of the NDLTD in the near future. Should the process change? What problems are still on going and where are we all at? Also other questions, for example, should your committee just be on your campus in one department or should ABDs have access to all experts available in their area of research as part of their committee? How private should a dissertation project be? And for how long? Should ETDs be started long before they now are started? Should a graduate student work on a paper before he has passed generals with a private electronic password account all his own?
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