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Title: ETD2009 Welcome, Closing, Dedications and Conference Summary
Authors: John Hagen
Rush Miller
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2010
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh, University Library System, Pittsburgh, PA, USA http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/
Citation: In Proceedings of Twelfth Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Abstract: This collection of files contains official speeches and multimedia presentations delivered during plenary sessions at the ETD2009 Conference. Below is an abstract for the final segment presented. Global Outreach through Open Access Colloquium Dedication This presentation highlights various significant events which have contributed to the open access time line over the past decade. It serves as a dedication to the "Global Outreach through Open Access Colloquium" component of the ETD2009 Conference. Of special significance is a prediction made in 1996 by Chief Jake Swamp at the West Virginia University Peace Tree Ceremony where he made a profound statement about open access. "And by the year 2000, I predict that it's going to arrive. People suddenly are going to understand the meaning of what they need to do. This means they are going to share information freely with one another. People who are now holding information to themselves[ ] they're going to give it all because other people are looking for that information so that something can be developed to heal our world." This event is documented in the book (from Schein, Anna M., ed. White Pine Spirit of Peace: The WVU Peace Tree, 73). My intention in compiling this dedication is to honor and commemorate Chief Jake Swamp and all efforts towards advocating open access and healing this world. It has served as an inspiration for me along the long and winding open access journey. The accompanying music is an instrumental song called "Clark's Breath". It was inspired by a legendary explorer named "Clark" who withered away in the desert when he became lost without access to civilization. It stands in stark contrast as a reminder of the importance of open access in scholarly communications. An mp3 copy of the song is attached inside the pdf version of this presentation. It is intended to accompany the actual PowerPoint slide show. Kudos go to my friend Dr. Daniel Ferreras el al. It was another extraordinary journey for us (of the musical kind). Global outreach through open access - together we are bridging the knowledge divide.
URI: http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/viewabstract.php?id=769&cf=7
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