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Title: From Paper to Pixels: Rough Spots and Roadblocks on the Way to ETDs
Authors: Max Read
Bronwen Sprout
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2010
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh, University Library System, Pittsburgh, PA, USA http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/
Citation: In Proceedings of Twelfth Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Abstract: This paper will describe the process of developing an ETD program from pilot project to mandatory ETD submission, and will discuss issues and solutions from the perspective of both the Library and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In December 2005 the UBC Library and Faculty of Graduate Studies initiated a pilot project for ETD submission to the Library's new electronic repository. We will discuss what we did to prepare for the pilot project, issues that arose from it, and subsequent actions. When ETD submission opened in November 2007 we immediately got 50% of theses submitted electronically, and that percentage has increased. Theses submitted on paper are scanned to PDF and handled the same way as ETDs. The most challenging issue was the question of archiving ETDs. We decided to discontinue the older technology of microfilm/microfiche/paper backups, and to put resources into developing a reliable system for electronic archiving. We will discuss the process that led to this decision. Some unexpected issues arose; creative arts faculty and students did not want their theses online, and we had an increase in requests to withhold theses on the grounds that journals would not publish previously-online material. We will discuss how we resolved these issues, albeit temporarily, and what is being done to address them further. Technical support is now available to students through a Library computer lab, and we will be proposing that electronic submission become mandatory. We will discuss the outcome of this proposal, and any procedures we develop to streamline the submission process.
URI: http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/viewabstract.php?id=694&cf=7
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