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Title: Topical Categorization of Large Collections of Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Authors: Venkat Srinivasan
Edward Fox
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2010
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh, University Library System, Pittsburgh, PA, USA http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/
Citation: In Proceedings of Twelfth Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Abstract: Topical Categorization of Large Collections of Electronic Theses and Dissertations Venkat Srinivasan, Edward A. Fox Department of Computer Science Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University {svenkat, fox}@vt.edu Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) form an important part of scholarly work. Many universities in the USA, and other parts of the world, require their students to submit their theses and dissertations in electronic form. The ETDs are hosted by the respective universities, and no single point of access exists to the different ETD collections. Various initiatives like NDLTD have aimed to provide a unified mode of access to the ETD collections of different universities. Currently, however, users can only search (using various web interfaces) for ETDs, with minimal support for browsing. Many would like to browse by topic, using some appropriate category scheme, and to obtain information such as size, for parts of a hierarchical classification related to topical coverage. In this paper we address some of these issues. We provide a portal to ETDs from different universities, by harvesting/crawling the ETDs wherever permissible. We also have developed a topical taxonomy derived from DMOZ, and approaches to categorise ETDs into that taxonomy. We present categorization results for ETD collections of some universities in the USA that have large numbers of ETDs in the Union Catalog.
URI: http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/viewabstract.php?id=736&cf=7
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