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Title: Students are not the only ones affected: A narrative account of the University at Albany's transition from paper to digital dissertation submission
Authors: Christine Smith
Jane Champagne
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2010
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh, University Library System, Pittsburgh, PA, USA http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/
Citation: In Proceedings of Twelfth Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Abstract: When the University at Albany, specifically the Office of Graduate Studies, initiated the implementation electronic dissertation submission, unanticipated concerns over the use of ETD were communicated by academic departments, advisors, administration, Library staff and students during this process. The scope of the issues ranged from decreased University income, accessibility of the research publications, formatting issues and policy and procedural changes. The Office of Graduate Studies made a good faith effort to resolve the issues that ETD would cause, but there were problems and concerns that the Office did not foresee that subsequently delayed the complete transition away from paper submission to ETD. Although the use of ETD is beneficial to both the students and the University, it does have an impact on many University constituents. There were, and still are, unforeseen implications for members of the University that have to be addressed before the full transition to ETD can be completed. As a result, the University will continue to allow both paper and ETD submission of dissertations until all issues can be resolved. At this time there is no estimated date for the complete transition to ETD, however it is hypothesized to occur not too far in the future.
URI: http://conferences.library.pitt.edu/ocs/viewabstract.php?id=690&cf=7
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