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Date of IssueTitle Authors
20-Sep-2000 Using XML for encoding metadata in distributed systems (PhysDoc)
19-Jan-2008 Using XML for long-term preservationEva Müller; Stefan Andersson; Uwe Klosa; Peter Hansson; Erik Siira
30-Mar-2010 Utilizing Acrobat 9 to improve ETD Submissions and WorkflowsTimothy Plumer
26-Mar-1999 Valencia Tech, Spain
19-Jan-2008 Vidyanidhi - the evolving Indian Digital Library of Electronic Theses InitiativeShalini Urs
18-Jan-2002 Virginia Tech Perspective on Digital Libraries: From Hardware to Software to Projects to Theory
26-Jul-2000 Virginia Tech's Digital Library Research Laboratory: From Hardware to Software to Projects to Theory
10-Jul-2006 The Virtual Student and Distance Learning Toward the Ph.D.: A Case StudyJean A. Jacobson
13-Apr-2000 Virtual Universities: Myth or Reality
19-Jan-2008 WelcomeEdward Fox
19-Jan-2008 WelcomeJürgen Mlynek
19-Jan-2008 WelcomePeter Schirmbacher
21-Jan-2008 Welcome remarksEdward A. Fox
6-Jun-2007 What factors influence voluntary participation in a graduate professional student ETD project?Charles J Greenberg
30-Mar-2010 What You See is What You Get: Document Preparation Choices at the University of TennesseeJennifer W. Spirko
19-Jan-2008 A workflow model for digital theses and dissertationsUwe Müller
20-Jan-2008 A workflow system for ETDs. A supportive feature in the electronic publishing chainFrida Sandgren; Eva Müller
19-Jan-2008 Workshop: DTDs for ETDsMatthias Schulz
19-Jan-2008 Workshop: Multimedia Documents and TechnologiesUwe Pirr
19-Jan-2008 Workshop: XML-based Approaches for ETDs within OpenOfficeVolker John
30-Mar-2010 World Digital LibraryMichelle Rago
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