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Date of IssueTitle Authors
19-Jan-2008 Long-term preservation of ETDs in Algeria: discussion through the CERIST Deposit systemYahia Bakelli; Sabrina Benrahmoun
20-Jan-2008 Long-term Retention of ETDsBeth Kramer; Tom Teper
20-Jan-2008 Looking at ETDs from Different Points of ViewAna Pavani
30-Mar-2010 Maintaining the Light: Distributed Digital Preservation of ETDsGail McMillan
30-Mar-2010 Making ETDs Accessible to the Visually Impaired and the Blind: a Project Under WayAna M B Pavani
30-Mar-2010 Making ETDs More Usable for Students in a Multilingual WorldRyan Richardson; Venkat Srinivasan; Xiaoyu Zhang; Weihua Zhu; Sung Hee Park; Pramodh Pochu; Siva Sanagavarapu; Mustafa Rafique; Min He; Jiao Jiao; Edward Fox
30-Mar-2010 Management of Research Data in ETD SystemsFelix N Ubogu; Yasien Sayed
Sep-2001 MARIAN: Flexible Interoperability for Federated Digital LibrariesGonçalves, Marcos André; France, Robert K.; Fox, Edward A.
11-Dec-2000 MARIAN: Searching and Querying Across Heterogeneous Federated Digital LibrariesGonçalves, Marcos André; France, Robert K.; Fox, Edward A.; Doszkocs, Tamas E.
12-Dec-2000 MARIAN: Searching and Querying Across Heterogeneous Federated Digital Libraries
19-Jan-2008 Marketing for participation: How can Electronic Dissertation Services win authors?Bert Wendland; Bettina Berendt; Elke Brenstein; Yunfan Li
10-Jul-2006 MathDiss InternationalGuenter Toerner; Thorsten Bahne
19-Jan-2008 MathMLHans Hagen
6-Jun-2007 Maturing towards the digital library: implementation of the electronic thesis and dissertation programVíctor Ferracutti; Luis Herrera; Natalia Piccotto
19-Jan-2008 The MAVA ApproachElisabeth Freydank
6-Jun-2007 Maximising research impact by mandating institutional self-archivingStevan Harnad
20-Jan-2008 Médiation documentaire et visée éditoriale : analyse des principes de mise en ligne de ressources pédagogiquesStéphane Chaudiron; Richard Walter
3-May-2010 Memorandum of Understanding between the Networked Digital LIbrary of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) and eIFL.net - Electronic Information for LibrariesKupryte, Rima; Fox, Edward A.
20-Jan-2008 A Metadata Application Profile for Canadian RepositoriesMark Jordan; Kathleen Shearer
19-Jan-2008 Metadata workflow based on reusing of original dataEva Müller; Stefan Andersson; Uwe Klosa; Peter Hansson
10-Jul-2006 Migrating from PDF to XML based ETDs: a report on a work in progress at the University of MaineMarilyn R Lutz
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