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Date of IssueTitle Authors
10-Jul-2006 Future Funding and the NDLTD VisionEdward Alan Fox
18-Mar-2000 Future Funding and the NDLTD Vision
13-Apr-1998 Future of Electronic Publishing
30-Mar-2010 Getting ETDs off the Calf-Path: Digital Preservation Readiness for Growing ETD Collections and Distributed Preservation NetworksMartin Halbert; Gail McMillan
20-Jan-2008 Getting to Know the Contents of Bibliographic References of ETDsAna Pavani
30-Mar-2010 Going Digital: The Implementation of an Electronic Honors Thesis (eHT) at WVU and its impact.Keith Garbutt; Molly Simis
30-Mar-2010 Graduate Student's Need Assessment and Impact on ETD Programs: Results from a Large-Scale StudyDavid Mendez
19-Jan-2008 Handling of LaTeX-ETDs and TeX-ConversionGünter Törner; Sebastian Pokutta; Thorsten Bahne
10-Jul-2006 Harvesting the Low-hanging Fruit: World Wide Web Access to a Collection of MIT ThesesKeith Glavash; Larry Stone; Bill Comstock
8-Mar-1998 HCI Consortium
30-Mar-2010 Health Information Literacy Among Resident Doctors of an Indian Tertiary Care Medical InstituteRaj Kumar
2008 History, Description and Scope
6-Jun-2007 How to participate in the Union Catalog projectHussein Suleman
25-Mar-1999 Humboldt University, Berlin
19-Jan-2008 Humboldt University Media Portal: Workspace and ArchiveAndreas Vollmer
Aug-1997 The HyTime Engine Peer-peer Protocol (HEP): Hep Cats Jam Java in the Digital LibraryKipp, Neill A.
19-Jan-2008 Implementing an Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Initiative within the South African ContextChris Rensleigh
6-Jun-2007 Implementing an eprints repository system at a small South African universityIrene Vermaak
30-Mar-2010 Implementing ETD Submission at Boston CollegeBill Donovan
1-Dec-1997 Implications of the ETD Initiative
20-Jan-2008 Improving Education and Understanding of NDLTDSeungwon Yang; Sanghee Oh; Jeffrey P. Pomerantz; Barbara M Wildemuth; Edward A. Fox
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