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Date of IssueTitle Authors
20-Jan-2008 Building Effective Discovery Tools for Academic Promotion and Tenure Evidence: the Added Value of ETD and Institutional Repository Metadata, Citation and AccessJohn H. Hagen
10-Jul-2006 Building Interoperable and Accessible ETD Collections: A Practical Guide to Creating Open ArchivesHussein Suleman
Sep-2001 Building Interoperable Digital Library Services: MARIAN, Open Archives and NDLTDFox, Edward A.; France, Robert K.; Gonçalves, Marcos André; Suleman, Hussein
12-Mar-1999 Cal Tech briefings
21-Jan-2008 Caltech ETD Collection Analysis: Who Accesses What and Why?Ed Sponsler; George Porter; Betsy Coles
10-Jul-2006 Campus Collaboration: The University of Waterloo Electronic Thesis ProjectChristine Jewell
10-Jul-2006 Carrots or Sticks: Getting Students to Submit Electronic Theses at MITKeith Glavash; Larry Stone; Bill Comstock
19-Jan-2008 Case Studies of Content Management and Cross Media Publishing SolutionsJürgen Wenzel
Dec-1997 Case Study: Digital Libraries with a Spatial Metaphor,Kipp, Neill A.
21-Jan-2008 Case Study: Electronic Publishing Support Service at UiBGaelle Bozec
19-Nov-1999 Case Study of IT in Action: Virginia Tech and Digital Libraries
20-Jan-2008 Castore, une plateforme libre pour la capitalisation documentaire des établissements d'enseignement supérieur et de rechercheCédric Dumas
30-Mar-2010 Cataloging ETDs and the Migration to ExLibris DigiToolGordon Ernst
6-Jun-2007 Certificate for ETD-repositoriesPeter Schirmbacher
19-Jan-2008 CFP: Call for preservation!Kelsey Libner
20-Jan-2008 Challenges and Innovations: Establishing an ETD @ Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, IndiaR. Mishra; S.K. Vijaianand; Noufal P.P.; Gaurav Shukla
10-Jul-2006 The Changing Face of Graduate Scholarship in the Digital FrontierDaniel Ferreras
30-Mar-2010 The changing landscape of dissertation supplementary and supporting content: ETDs in transformationAmanda Ross
6-Jun-2007 ChinaGrid and its impact on science and education in ChinaHai Jin
21-Jan-2008 Closing AddressEdward A. Fox
14-Apr-1998 CNI briefing
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